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What are Data Jobs?

There are a number of different careers in the tech industry that deal with data on a daily basis. From Data Analysts to Data Architects, the industry is constantly growing and therefore needs skilled individuals to take on these newly developed roles. Data integrity, Data Governance and Data Analytics has become an essential platform for many companies and therefore the numbers of data jobs are at an all-time high.

What skills are required for Data Jobs?

Degrees are not always required for a data jobs, however it may open you up to more job opportunities –but it is not essential.  There are many courses you can undertake to develop your skills relating to the roles to make you more attractive to your employer. For example, a Data Analyst may use SQL skills (Structured Query Language, a programming language designed for data management) to pull large amounts of data from a company database.

There are so many varied types of Data jobs available and the skills required vary. Data Governance is about managing the stakeholders across the business to ensure GDPR and data compliance. Some of the data science related jobs will need detailed analytics experience whilst data engineer jobs will often ask for software development or a programming language related skillset.

As well as technical skills it is also beneficial to be able to demonstrate skills in critical thinking, decision making and data interpretation.

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How much do Data jobs pay?

Salaries can vary significantly and what you can expect will vary depending on which skills and experience you have in each skill. Plus other factors such as location etc will also influence package on offer.

For example, a Data Analyst Role can earn the following:

Entry level salary starts at around £28,000

Mid-level salary £45,000

Senior level £70,000

Whereas for a more niche data role such as a Data Architect with strong experience, the salary can be significantly higher:

Entry level salary starts at around £40,000

Mid-level salary £68,000

Senior level £90,000

Source: Technojobs data 2022