Top 10 jobs in Data in 2022

top data jobs in 2022


The demand for data jobs has increased significantly over the past few years. As the world of technology continues to grow, it is important that companies can keep up with these innovations so they can stay ahead of the competition. Data technologies are becoming more advance meaning that the number and variety of data jobs are significantly growing. Here are the top data jobs in 2022:

1. Data Engineer

Data Engineering is one of the fastest-growing sectors in tech. Data engineers are responsible for building and maintaining data platforms that are then integrated into a company’s system allowing easy access and flow of information. It is important for data engineers to be fluent in programming languages including Python and SQL, as well as having a good understanding of algorithms and basic machine learning.

Average Salary: £65,000

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2. Data Analyst

A data analyst's job involves collecting, cleaning, and processing data. Then being able to spot trends and patterns and create reports that will help optimize a company’s processes. Data analysis continues to become more valuable to organisations as it allows them to identify target audiences, and potential weaknesses and helps with informed business decisions. A data analyst needs to be able to transform raw data into a meaningful format, therefore you need to understand the key programming languages.

Average Salary: £42,500

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3. Data Architect

Anyone looking to become a data architect needs specific qualifications, technical skills, and industry experience. Typically, this role requires a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or in an IT related field. Data engineers build and maintain the data framework whereas architects visualise them. Data architects often begin as engineers and then they use their years of experience in data design, management, and storage to progress to the next stages in their career.

Average Salary: £85,000

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4. Data Manager

The role of a data manager is to supervise a company’s existing data systems and networks. Experience in data analysis is essential to be able to look for patterns, as well as a strong understanding of databases in order to aid with efficient data collection and handling.

Average Salary: £62,750

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5. Data Scientist

Whilst a data analyst solves problems a data scientist identifies them as well. It is important for data scientists to have excellent communication skills to be able to explain their data insights. They also need to be able to be able to forecast patterns and predictions by analysing the requirements of the company, therefore intellectual curiosity is also a desired quality as data scientists will need to constantly raise questions around their findings in order to produce a solution.

Average Salary: £65,500

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6. Data Consultant

Data consultants are required to perform quantitative and qualitative data analysis. As well as look at the numerical data a consultant will review company structures, functions, and processes. A data consultant requires strong business acumen and communication skills so they can bridge the gap between business and technical teams.

Average Salary: £67,500

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7. Big Data Engineer

Big data is a term used for copious amounts of data sets that are too extensive for traditional databases to manage and process. Therefore, a big data engineer needs to be able to manage structured and unstructured data, coming in from a variety of sources. Something employers will look for is experience in is Hadoop, an open-source software framework specifically built to manage large volumes of data.

Average Salary: £75,000

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8. Data Warehouse Developer

A data warehouse is where large amounts of data is stored from various sources. It is the analysed to help make future business decisions. Therefore, a data warehouse developer needs to have experience of working with large databases, and understand how best to store, manage, and secure data. Knowledge of BI practices, data structures and modelling are vital to be able to project manage these large databases.

Average Salary: £51,500

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9. Business Intelligence Data Analyst

Whilst a data analyst transforms the raw data into a readable format, a business intelligence data analyst helps to make the business decisions that improve a company’s processes. A BI data analyst produces reports that highlight patterns and market trends to help company’s operations.

Average Salary: £40,000

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10. Data Governance Analyst

Data governance is a term used for the overall management of data within an organisations system. It ensures data is consistent and does not get misused. The role of a data governance analyst is to make sure the policies and procedures around data are optimised. To be successful in this job you need a good understanding of data risk management, data security and strong decision-making skills.

Average Salary: £57,500

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The demand for data jobs will continue to grow, as companies will continue to rely on data-driven decision making. If you are looking for a job in data make sure you know what skills are in demand to kelp you become successful when applying.