Average salaries for Data jobs in 2022

When it comes to getting a job in data it depends on your technical skills and existing experience. As with the majority of career paths, if you can prove your knowledge of a subject and skillset you are able to reach the higher levels of salary expectations. An entry level data job would be a Data Analyst or Data Administrator, with higher paying role being a Data Architect or in Data Governance:

Permanent IT Jobs Average Salary:

  • Data Technician £29,000
  • Data Administrator £43,000
  • Data Analyst £43,000
  • Data Engineer £67,000
  • Data Scientist £67,850
  • Data Governance £63,750
  • Data Architect £86,000

Contract IT Jobs Average Daily Rate:

  • Data Technician £225
  • Data Administrator £300
  • Data Analyst £475
  • Data Engineer £550
  • Data Scientist £550
  • Data Governance £550
  • Data Architect £675

Data Analyst

For an entry level job in Data Analysis, you can expect to earn an average of £30,000. Often employers will look for a degree level qualification, knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Databases and programming languages including SQL. A Data Analyst role includes inspecting, cleaning, and transforming data turning it into a more understandable format. Once you have gained 3-5 years’ experience you can expect to earn up to £43,000 and with a more senior role earning up to £75,000

With 2-5 years of experience in data you can begin to look at higher paid roles that require more hard skills and industry knowledge. These jobs might include a Data Scientist or a Data Engineer.

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Data Engineer

Data Engineers are responsible for developing, evaluating, and maintaining the databases therefore they need to have a deeper understanding of programming languages and data models so they can deliver the best possible data pipelines. An entry-level role can expect and average salary of £42,550. As you take on more responsibility developing databases a mid-level salary can average at £67,000 with a senior role earning up to and over £98,000

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Data Scientist

A Data Scientist role requires experience in data integration and analysis. The role often comes with more responsibility as you will be working closely with your business to identify issues and use the data to create new processes for data modelling. An entry level salary can average from £45,500 with a mid-level role averaging at £67,850 and a senior role from £98,900. The higher salary reflects the qualifications and specialist knowledge required to be a Data Scientist.

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As with any job the more responsibility the higher pay. When it comes to data jobs such Data Governance and Data Architects where your role has greater impact on how a company performs the salary will reflect this. These jobs include Data Governance, Data Management and Data Architect.

average salaries for data jobs


Data Governance

Data governance refers to a set of processes that ensures a company’s data is formally managed and used for optimizing business process. Therefore, the role requires someone who had had experience in Data Management and Data Security. An entry-level role can earn an average of £41,550 whilst a £63,750 senior in their field £100,000+.

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Data Architect

For a Data Architect even an entry level role requires 1-2 years industry experience, hence why the salary averages at £61,550. The hard skills required for a Data Architect include data modelling, data governance, data migration and analytical skills. Data Architects are responsible for designing and creating the framework that gives a business easily accessible, secure data aligned with the company’s strategy. After a couple of years’ experience in this role, a mid-level salary can rise to £86,000 with the most senior in this profession earning up to £112,750.

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As mentioned above the more experience and hard skills you have, the higher your salary will be salary. Therefore, it is always a good to look into what courses you can undertake to help accelerate you to the top of your career path. Take a look at the top skills required when it comes to data.

Source : Technojobs data